ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Missy Little started up a business called Florida Fancies, where she makes wigs for patients who suffer from any form of cancer.

What makes her wigs a bit more special is that she uses the hair from the patient to make their wig.

Little says she got the idea two years ago when she realized how in demand the wigs were. She says since starting the business, she has made wigs for women all over Florida.

Little says once the person sends in their hair, she sows it together and cuts and styles the wig.

She says one wig can typically take up to a week to complete, but she likes to do at least five to six at a time.

Little says its very rewarding to make a woman feel special after they experience the loss of their hair.

“I text them a lot we have good communication,” Little said. “I show them when I get their hair what it looks like when it’s put on the mannequin they’re commenting it’s so wonderful and I’m excited I can’t wait to have my wig.”

She says right now, she works out of her home, but plans to expand sometime next year.

Once she does, she plans to teach others how to make wigs out of human hair.

You can learn about pricing on each wig on her Etsy page and find more pictures of her work on Facebook.