ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A stylist is creating magic with colorful creations at her St. Petersburg salon – and she also has a few tricks up her sleeve doing the “hair roulette challenge.”

“Vivids specialist” Chelsea Cozart saw the trend on TikTok. It’s a challenge where a hair stylist asks a willing client to blindly choose between two options of hair trends to come up with a style without knowing what they’re getting.

“[I] thought it would be a really neat way to pick a color for my client! I love any type of challenge and this was a challenge, for sure!” Cozart said.

Cozart posted a video of her first “hair roulette client” on Facebook after putting out a call out for participants on a local group. The woman chose between a trim and a chop, a full head of color or a color blocking style, soft or bold colors, rainbow or palette and cool or warm colors.

In the end, the client got a new style of a full cut and full coloring of warm, soft (yet vibrant) colors.

Cozart said in her video her client kept her eyes closed during the entire coloring and blow drying process.

In the end, Cozart said her client was “shocked, but extremely happy.”

“She told me she will always let me pick her colors from now on, because the palette I chose was something she would never choose herself and she loved it,” Cozart said. “And I loved that I was able to give her something completely unexpected and different for her. She’s been texting me telling me how many compliments she [is] getting and can’t believe it.”

Though some might find the “hair roulette challenge” a bit intimidating, even with a professional like Cozart, she said she has three more challenge clients lined up and a few more consultations as well. She said she would absolutely love to do more.

“If someone wants to schedule a consultation with me to go over everything (timing, pricing, maintenance, realistic expectations) they can message me on Facebook or Instagram,” Cozart said.

You can find her and all her work on Instagram and TikTok.