ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — St. Pete residents and visitors are counting down the minutes to the new year, ready to ring in 2023, just like the rest of the world has been doing all day.

“It looks like the weather’s great,” said Wendy Swan. “So we got pretty lucky on that.”

“We got lucky on the rain for sure,” said Wendy’s husband, Steve.

After some afternoon showers threatened to ruin the festivities and fireworks, the skies over the St. Pete Pier cleared up, giving way to a great forecast for New Year’s Eve.

“It’s nice, this is my first time in this area for New Year’s,” said Naja Carothers. “I’m usually in Tampa or Chicago. So it’s pretty nice, a lot of things to do.”

The Pier has plenty of food vendors, a DJ and a stage, a giant disco ball and champagne, beer and cocktails.

“It’s a new year, it’s a new start,” said Wendy Swan. “My birthday’s in January, so it’s always a good chance to kind of wipe the slate clean and see if you can do better than last year.”

Others have traveled hours to be in St. Pete.

“[My son] was supposed to be here two nights ago,” said Saeed Pajestani. “With the Southwest craziness, he got stranded up there in Columbus.”

So, Saeed Pajestani flew to Ohio, picked up his son, Shervin, and drove them both more than 1,000 miles to St. Pete. They arrived, cleaned up and went straight to the pier for the celebrations.

“Feels good to have some fresh air,” Shervin Pajestani said. “Get my legs stretched, stand up. It’s a good feeling.”

Saeed is happy to have the whole family together again.

“It’s cool that we can get out here,” Pajestani said. “Without any reservation or anything. And just hang with other people, hang out with our family. It’s really cool. We really appreciate this.”

People are ready to open up a new calendar, and most have resolutions to get healthier and make better decisions moving forward.