ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — St. Petersburg residents rallied Thursday to demand more be done to address the affordable housing crisis.

The St. Petersburg tenants union rallied before the city council meeting to demand universal tenants right to counsel when facing an eviction, city owned public housing and rehousing assistance for rent increases.

“Tenants are continuing to get gouged by landlords and evictions in The Tampa bay area are rising above historical averages for three months in a row now,” said Karla Correa, with the St. Petersburg Tenants Union. “This is the same housing system that’s causing for families to go homeless, causing for exorbitant rent increases, causing for people to have to choose between food and rent.”

During the meeting city council members discussed several new ordinances, one that would require more notice of rent increases, and another that would allow some affordable housing to be built in areas zoned for commercial use.

A public hearing will be held September 15 to further discuss the new ordinances.