ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A brother and sister from St. Petersburg were arrested on attempted murder charge after they intentionally ran over a motorcyclist Saturday morning, according to police.

Police said the motorcyclist was heading east on Central Avenue when Solimar Rosario, 31, hung out the passenger window of a Lincoln and taunted the motorcyclist.

According to the department, the driver, 32-year-old Narciso Rosario, drove into the motorcyclist, causing him to crash head-on into an oncoming pickup truck.

Police said the two suspects then left the scene. At first officers believed it was a hit-and-run incident, but they later determined that the siblings intentionally tried to kill the motorcyclist.

Both Rosarios face charges for attempted second-degree murder. The 21-year-old motorcyclist was still in critical condition as of Tuesday morning.