TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A St. Petersburg man was hurt in a bloody attack Sunday while snorkeling in the Florida Keys, according to deputies.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office said the man had gotten into an argument with Marathon residents Paulo De Oliveira and Katia De Oliveira over his proximity to their property and whether he could snorkel in the area.

During the dispute, the couple used a pole and fishing rod to attack the man — which left him bleeding from the head, according to deputies.

Before the man was taken to Fisherman’s Hospital, he told deputies what happened and who attacked him.

The man’s family, who was on a boat 25 yards from the shore, also backed his story up, deputies said. The sheriff’s office said security video also supported the victim’s story.

Paulo De Oliveira and Katia De Oliveira were arrested on aggravated battery and misdemeanor battery charges respectively.