ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Arrest documents released Sunday revealed more information connected to a kidnapping and standoff that happened Tuesday morning in St. Petersburg.

Last Tuesday, police arrested Matthew Myles Perkins, 32, after he allegedly abducted his 3-year-old son from his girlfriend — leading to a four-hour standoff on Gandy Boulevard, according to officers.

St. Petersburg police said during this standoff, Perkins held scissors near the child’s head and neck. Officers continued to negotiate with Perkins with SPOT, the robotic dog.

“We decided to make the decision to extract the child out, and the SWAT team moved in and removed the child safely, and we were able to take Mr. Perkins into custody,” Assistant Police Chief Michael Kovacsev said on Oct. 25.

Days after his arrest, new arrest documents were released that said Perkins held not only his son captive but his girlfriend and three other family members, as well.

The reports said Perkins barricaded the family in a home on Norfolk Street North, preventing them from leaving for two days. According to police, Perkins was armed with a shotgun at the time.

The family told investigators that Perkins was paranoid and thought he was being watched. The affidavits also said there were signs of mental health issues involved.

Perkins was booked on numerous charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault.