ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A St. Petersburg man was arrested Saturday after he removed his court-issued ankle monitor, according to deputies.

An affidavit said the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office got an alert from Darryl Eugene McKinnie’s ankle monitor Friday. McKinnie was ordered to have the monitor on Jan. 20 in relation to a drug arrest in 2021, according to the document and the suspect’s jail record.

Authorities called McKinnie after the alert, who said he was told by his attorney and the judge that he could remove his ankle monitor.

Deputies said this was untrue.

McKinnie was later found with his ankle monitor removed. The affidavit said after he was read his rights, McKinnie said he was a Seminole Indian and shouldn’t have to wear it.

He also said President Joe Biden told him to cut the ankle monitor off, according to deputies.