Warning: Details included in this article are disturbing and may be upsetting to readers.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A St. Petersburg man was arrested Saturday after allegedly attacking two people with a machete in a domestic-related incident, police said.

Arrests affidavits from the St. Petersburg Police Department said Nathaniel Jerome Felton Jr, 31, stayed at the victims’ residence Friday night before the incident.

Police said Felton and the female victim, who knew him for about four years, were having a “normal day,” but things changed when a relative of Felton did not agree to pick him up from the home.

“The defendant went into the victim’s bedroom,” the affidavits said. The victim was sitting in a chair outside of her bedroom door when the defendant exited her room with his hand behind his back. They continued to talk and she noticed the defendant was concealing a large machete behind him.”

According to the documents, the woman tried to walk down the stairs to get away from Felton when he swung the machete at her, causing her to fall down the stairs.

Police said the woman tried to stand up, but he swung the machete at her left arm and right knee to the point where her bones were exposed.

Officers said the victim managed to barricade herself inside a bedroom and locked her door while Felton continued to hack at the door with the machete.

During the attack, Felton also swung his machete at a male resident who heard the woman screaming and came to help, according to police. The affidavits said the male victim had his hand sliced open during the attack.

The documents also said both victims required emergency surgery to save them from their critical wounds.

According to police, Felton was charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder.