ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A new homeowner made a horrifying discovery after finding the remains of several pets who left to die in the house he just bought, according to Pinellas County deputies.

An affidavit from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said the owner recently acquired the house in an auction.

Deputies said after the purchase, the new owner found the skeletal remains of a dog in one of the bedrooms.

Pinellas County Animal Services responded to the scene and found the remains of two other animals, a mummified dog and the skeleton of a cat.

“All animals were found in rooms with no food or water, and feces were piled up in the rooms,” the affidavit said. “Noted within the feces is fabric that matches fabric in the room showing the animals were eating it as there was no actual food in the room. There was also evidence one dog chewed through the door in an attempt to escape”

Deputies identified the suspect in the animals’ death as Scott Carson Newmark, 26, of St. Petersburg. Jail records state that the suspect also goes by the name Scott Carson Vonharten.

According to the affidavit, two of the animals belonged to the suspect, as confirmed by microchips found on the remains. However, one of the dogs was reported stolen in 2021.

“A neighbor confirmed the defendant had claimed he had two dogs and that one was a bulldog (which corresponded to the microchip info),” the document states.

The suspect was charged with three counts of animal cruelty, according to his arrest records.