ST. PETERSBURG, Fla (WFLA) — Mayor Ken Welch was joined by community members in front of City Hall to raise the Pride flag Thursday morning.

“We are poised to host the largest most diverse and most inclusive Pride celebration in the United States this month,” Welch said.

Pride month events are happening nearly every day in the city with a massive parade at the end of the month.

“St. Pete Pride is all about showing up representation and showing people that we are here,” said Dr. Bryon Green-Calisch.

Some LGBTQ+ groups across the state say they have cancelled events due to recent legislation signed by Governor Ron DeSantis. One of those bills lays out penalties for letting children attend so-called ”adult live performances.”

Opponents of the law argue that could be applied drag shows. St. Pete Pride leaders say their 21-year-tradition will go on.

“Whenever you’re faced with someone trying to harm your community or make your community take a step back, you have to decide are you going to step back or are you going to step up, and for us, we’re stepping up,” said Tiffany Freisberg with St. Pete Pride.