ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — St. Petersburg police arrested a couple after they say the suspects were found passed out in a truck with a child after doing drugs.

According to affidavits, Nicholas Heinkel, 32, and Brandy Carrico, 39, were found unconscious in a Ford pickup truck with their 4-year-old child unrestrained in the backseat. After several minutes, the couple woke up with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, police said.

Police said the couple admitted to snorting cocaine and fentanyl, drinking liquor, and then driving with the child. The couple parked their car in a gas station parking lot on 34th Street, according to documents.

The two now face charges for neglect of a child. Carrico also faces a charge for driving under the influence.

Correction: The original lead sentenced referred to the 4-year-old as a baby. This has been corrected.