ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Brittany Cline saw 8 On Your Side’s story on the Alta Mar at Broadwater apartment complex in St. Petersburg and she thought to herself, thank goodness.

She is a resident of the complex and has experienced many of the same issues other residents have. The leak coming from her upstairs bathroom still hasn’t been fixed, and now there is a large mark on the first-floor ceiling.

“It was just a tiny little spot,” said Cline. “And it’s getting bigger and bigger.”

She also has problems with rats running through the apartment at all hours of the day.

“One of them ran over my kids’ foot and my fiance’s foot. And my kids are hysterical, I mean they just came out of nowhere,” said Cline. “They came out in the middle of the day. They are getting worse.”

Cline is one of many residents complaining about poor living conditions including leaks, black mold, boarded-up windows and piling up trash.

Marina Bates was one of the first tenants to reach out to 8 On Your Side.

“It’s just gross, I feel like I live on a horror movie set and I hate that,” said Bates. “Like I told them about it and I sent in work orders and emails and every time I saw them on property I was like, hey can you guys come and check out the mold in here?”

We reached out to complex management once again, and this time an employee asked our crew to leave the property and referred all questions to the parent company, Pacifica Companies LLC, in California. Our message to the company has not yet been returned.

The city has fielded dozens of complaints from residents and is currently fining the complex owner $850. a day for violations that have not been addressed. James Corbett is the city’s neighborhood affairs administrator. He says there are serious issues at Alta Mar.

“It’s certainly indicative of deferred maintenance,” said Corbett. “When you look at the complex there are a lot of issues that have not been addressed over the years.”

Cline says she has nowhere else to go. She can’t afford a more expensive apartment, and blames a recent miscarriage on the stress she’s been experiencing.

“I really think my miscarriage had to do with the stress from this,” said Cline. “My mental health isn’t the greatest ever since living her. “

According to a city representative, residents who have concerns at the property or within their rental units, they can call the Codes Compliance Assistant Department at 1-727-893-7373 to file a complaint.