SEMINOLE, Fla. (WFLA) — A man from Seminole was accused of stealing 45 bottles of liquor from Winn-Dixie totaling over $1,000.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said deputies arrested John Bylock, 51, on Tuesday for an alleged theft that occurred on Oct. 15, 2022.

Deputies allege Bylock purchased two cases of beer from the Winn-Dixie on Park Blvd. N., but he left the store pushing a cart carrying dozens of liquor bottles. Bylock allegedly came back into the store to grab the cart holding the beer he just purchased.

Deputies said Bylock was spotted on store security footage committing the alleged theft.

Bylock was accused of stealing the following items:

12 Crown Royal Apple 750 ml bottles totaling $383.88
12 Crown Royal Fine Deluxe 750 ml bottles totaling $383.88
6 Crown Royal Apple 1.75 liter bottles totaling $368.94
5 Dark Horse Chardonnay 750 ml bottles totaling $49.95
4 Lindemans Pinot Grigio 750 ml bottles totaling $23.96
6 Rikaloff Deluxe Vodka 1.75 L bottles totaling $71.94

The alleged stolen goods totaled $1282.55.

Bylock was charged with grand theft (more $750 but less than $5,000). He has since bonded out of the Pinellas County Jail.