SEMINOLE, Fla. (WFLA) – A Seminole man got a lot more bang than he bargained for, and now, he’s suffering the consequences.

His New Year’s Eve fireworks blew up, severely injuring his hand.

Out in front of Wayne DeSmith’s home on Kumquat Avenue in Seminole, there are a few reminders of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

It’s here, that Pinellas County deputies tell us, the 36-year-old bundled four boxes of sparklers in electrical tape, lit one and failed to throw it before it blew.

“If you’re holding onto something and it goes off forcefully like that, yes.  Soft tissue does not do well with explosive-type injuries” said retired Seminole Fire-Rescue Firefighter, Brad Dykens.

Dykens is very familiar with the damage fireworks can cause. The sparklers went off like a very large firecracker, severely damaging DeSmith’s right hand.

“They are dangerous even though we are allowed to use them and people use them all the time. They have to be used under adult supervision and used in the proper way. This is not proper.  He altered the way it’s supposed to burn or supposed to combust” said Dykens.

A single sparkler burns at 1200 degrees. DeSmith put multiple boxes together, contrary to instructions.

“When you change the properties of ways something burns, it can burn more ferociously and resulted in something of that nature from the situation at hand,” said Dykens.

This incident is a touch lesson: fooling around with fireworks can be dangerous.

A nurse who lives across the street from the victim, and later, a family member, told 8 On Your Side DeSmith will be okay.

He is currently receiving treatment at Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg.