TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Halloween is officially here which means all the spooky costumes and ghoulish decorations are out in Tampa Bay for all to enjoy.

Whether it’s something small and family-friendly or something extravagant and frightening, nothing makes Halloween better than getting into the spooky spirit.

In Clearwater, Jeff Somerville decided to decorate his house. Not with ordinary Halloween decorations but pieces coming from his own inspiration.

He calls his set-up the “Clown House.” And the main feature you ask? A giant 25-foot clown face tunnel.

Credit: Jeff Somerville

Somerville said he even designed the tunnel and sent it off to a specialty company in China to have it made.

“The process was around two months of back and forth communication,” Somerville said. “They knew how important this piece was to me and the role it played in our Halloween theme.”

Despite what you might think, this is Somerville’s first time decorating for Halloween.

“We moved from the Midwest six years ago and spent most of our time customizing our home to our liking,” Sommerville said. “Now that the home is finished, we’ve turned our construction passion into holiday decoration passion to share with our incredible neighbors.”

Somerville’s front yard is also decorated with many scary clown faces, a ticket booth, smoke machines, graveyard headstones and two large 7-foot animated clowns, one being Pennywise from Steven King’s movie IT at the front door and the other in front of the blow-up tunnel greeting children as the walk up to the house.

Tonight, Somerville said he and his partner will be dressed up amidst the spooky decorations also as clowns for when children attempt to go up the drive way to get candy.

In Haines City, on the other hand, Ray Houston decided to make his Halloween home decorations a little less scary.

Since Oct. 11, three skeletons have crashed in Houston’s front yard. Every day, their set up and activities have changed.

Houston said his daughter named the three skeletons Stan, Fred and George. She also made sure to document their daily activities on her Instagram.

Some days the three skeletons went through multiple poses from partying hard, going boating, to doing some yard work and then off to Disney.

Just like Somerville, Houston said this was his first year decorating with the trio, however, since it was such a big hit this year, he might do it again next Halloween.

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If you have spooky Halloween decorations set up at your house, be sure to send in pictures and videos to us at online@wfla.com.