PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A big part of any stage production or show is the costumes. One Tampa Bay high school class is helping teach students that intricate work.

The Costume and Stage Makeup Designer program at Gibbs High School is part of the Pinellas County Center for the Arts Magnet Program.

Students are responsible for designing and creating all of the costumes for the school’s four plays and musicals each year. However, they are learning so much more than just how to sew.

Trish Kelley’s costume design class puts her students in front of a sewing machine to cut, stitch, and add each embellishment to each costume.

“We did the production of ‘Something Rotten!’ last spring and we probably made over 500 pieces but that was only one production,” said teacher Trish Kelley.

Kelley is hoping to prepare students to work with a theatre production company after graduation, giving them a wide range in experience.

“This program really helps with organization and then I’ve also gotten to construct costumes… and gotten to know how to style, how to do quick changes, all those type of things,” said Kendall Swartz.

The students at Gibbs are currently making the 1920’s costumes for the St. Pete History Museum’s 100th-anniversary event.