ST PETE, Fla. (WFLA) — Boca Ciega High School Teacher Andee Goode has been named one of the strongest women in the country.

This comes after she won first place at Strongman Nationals in the master’s division held in Las Vegas.

Goode said her biggest driving force to keep pushing during the competition was her students.

“Everybody that was out there with me, to my coach, my best friend, I said I need to bring something back for these kids to see,” she said. “I got the big medal. And they were all wearing it, it was really neat.”

Strongman competitions are based on strength and sometimes test athletes in non-traditional ways.

“It’s what you see on Saturday mornings you grew up, watching those big guys putting the boulders on the stands, deadlifting cars. That’s the stuff that we do,” Goode said.

Goode, who is also a coach at Cross Fit St. Pete said there is a huge community of support for those who are interested in getting involved.

“For people that are hesitant to do it, I only encourage them to do it because honestly, you never know who’s watching and who you’re inspiring,” Goode said.

In March, Goode is scheduled to compete in The Arnold Amateur Strongman competition being held in Ohio.