PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) — A Palm Harbor woman was rescued from a submerged car on Sunday, thanks to the quick actions of her neighbors.

Tara Ross and her son were in the right place at the right time on Sunday evening. She said they went to their neighborhood boat ramp on Baywood Drive to go fishing, but instead, they found their neighbors in distress.

Ross said her neighbor’s vehicle was underwater with someone inside. Another person was on the boat, which was still attached to the trailer.

“I jumped in to try and help her, because I could hear her screaming inside of the car,” Ross said. “She was still with it enough. She was trying to push the door open and I was trying to pull, and then I realized this wasn’t working.

That’s when she immediately went to find more help.

“My husband was here at that time, so he jumped in. I ran out and was banging on all the neighbors doors, trying to find a shovel,” Ross said. “My son found him a rock, so he jumped back in, bashed the window open.”

Ross said her husband, who does water rescues for a living, swam into the vehicle to pull the woman out.

“We performed CPR on the dock when we were waiting for 911 to arrive,” Ross said. “The way everything went down was just divine intervention.”

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies and the dive team spent Sunday night investigating and removing the vehicle from the water. Authorities said the woman was attempting to pull the boat out when the vehicle ended up submerged.

“I hope she pulls through. She was breathing on her own by the time the ambulance came in,” Ross said.

Ross told 8 On Your Side she was shocked to see that someone like her neighbor was involved in a situation like this.

“This woman can launch a boat by herself, tie a rope on in five minutes,” Ross said. “She’s amazing, so we knew something had happened.”

Police have not released the woman’s identity.