PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — As Hurricane Nicole approaches, storm surge is a huge concern in parts of Pinellas County.

In Tarpon Springs, business owners along the Anclote River are taking precautions to protect their storefronts.

Youssef Boulos opened Chalkis Mediterranean Market just seven months ago, but in those short seven months, he’s seen his share of flooding outside his shop.

Business owners said anytime there’s a heavy rain, that is what they get.

“Cars drive by, they create a wave and sometimes it comes inside,” Boulos said.

Boulos isn’t taking any chances this week. He’s boarding up his front door and placing sandbags around his business. Several other business owners are doing the exact same thing.

Kelly Spiliotis owns Amvrosia Gree Imports, a couple of doors down. She opened her gift shop more than 15 years ago, so boarding up her store is now routine.

“The water comes inside the store,” Spiliotis said.

As a result, she’s had some damage inside her store.

”It’s bad for the business,” Spiliotis said.

Business owners are preparing for whatever mother nature brings.

“You deal with it as a business owner,” Boulos said. “You have a business, and these things are expected, so you deal with it.”