PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Science Specialist was fired Monday after an investigation found she falsified records.

According to the Administrative Investigation Division, in Nov. 2021 Shantele Dixon was assigned two processing requests for two different cases.

On Nov. 29, she went to get the evidentiary items for those cases from the Property and Evidence Division, which she followed all protocols for. She then gave those items to another specialist when her shift ended.

The other specialist processed the one item using the cyanoacrylate fuming chamber and M-star, a luminescence dye stain chemical. They processed the other using the cyanoacrylate fuming chamber and black magnetic powder. The other specialist then placed both items and the notes in Dixon’s secured locker.

According to the investigation, Dixon reprocessed those same items on Dec. 2 using an alternative method. Dixon then “intentionally and knowingly falsified the narratives” to show that she had done the processing on Nov. 29, instead of the other specialist.

The investigation also found that she lied about the kind of processing she did when she processed the items the second time on Dec. 2.

Dixon admitted to the accusations, saying she was “cutting corners.”