PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The dean of a Pinellas County charter school and his wife provided their babysitter marijuana and alcoholic beverages over 30 times during a two-year span, according to deputies.

According to Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Adam Thayer, 38, who is the Dean of Students at Pinellas Academy for Math and Science, and his wife Misty Mitchell-Thayer, 37, left their 15-year-old babysitter marijuana and alcoholic beverages while watching the couple’s young children while they went out to local bars and drank themselves.

Detectives say the Thayer’s on multiple occasions would drink some more at home and smoke marijuana with the babysitter and on some occasions would drink with her teenage friends and would allow the teens to drive home impaired.

The sheriff’s office says on one occasion in October 2020, Misty Thayer sent the teen a text message that read: “Get drunk! Pass the f— out!… If you want to smoke Adam has weed there.”

The teen told deputies she would drink alcohol every time she babysat the Thayer children and would get so drunk she’d slur her words and have trouble seeing, she also admitted that she probably wouldn’t have been able to care for the children in an emergency.

Adam Thayer is now facing two counts of child neglect. Investigators say his wife will be arrested at a later date on the same charges.