CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A crash in a Best Buy parking lot ended with a large pickup truck on top of an Audi Tuesday afternoon in Clearwater.

“Here’s something you don’t see every day,” the Clearwater Police Department posted to Twitter, showing three images of the crash, “a parking lot crash where one vehicle ends up on top of another.”

The photos attached to the tweet show a white Chevy pickup with its two left wheels on the ground and its left side up in the air. The front tire of the truck is seen on top of a crushed red Audi.

According to police, the crash happened in the parking lot of the Best Buy located at U.S. 19 and Drew Street. In the photos from the crash scene, the white truck can be seen pressed up against a Geek Squad van. It’s not clear if the van was damaged.

Officers say the crash happened when the driver of the Audi lost control and slammed into the parked pickup truck.

Police have not said if there were any injuries or if any charges will be filed.