CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – Soon you will be paying more to park on Clearwater Beach. The city announced it is raising rates at lots and meters.

The move, in addition to generating additional revenue, is aimed at streamlining the city’s parking fees.

Steve Reiter is the city’s parking services manager and explains prices at each city lot varied and could be confusing.

“Each lot has different prices. Anywhere from a $1 an hour to $3 an hour,” said Reiter. “So what we’re doing is making everything consistent at $3 an hour.”

Individual “metered” spots are also going up to $3.50 an hour, but the meters are going away in favor of a pay by plate device. Reiter said that way beachgoers don’t have to remember the spot number where they parked.

“You’ll just go up to the meter, again one meter will handle up to 10 to 15 spaces. Put in your plate and then walk away and go about your business,” said Reiter.

Visitors we spoke with say the parking increase won’t keep them away.

“It’s not going to stop me,” said Chad Franklin, who is in town from New Orleans. “Where we live it’s a little colder right now so we came to dodge that weather to come to the sun, so it doesn’t matter.”

City workers have to go to each lot individually to reprogram or replace the machines and it will also take time to remove the individual meters and install the pay by plate machines.

Reiter believes the installation should be completed by mid-January 2020.