ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Iberian Rooster, a restaurant in St. Petersburg, serves Colonial Portuguese fusion. But some customers don’t appear to be a part of the living world. 

“I have definitely seen some orbs, especially on and off-camera. I have had ex-employees see figures walking around,” bar manager Jennifer Sagedy said.

Sagedy says even when she is alone in the restaurant – especially in the basement – she feels as though something or someone is watching her every move. 

“You definitely feel there is something down there. Like a presence down there,” said Sagedy.  

Still not convinced this business is haunted? Restaurant surveillance video shows a pastry dish mysteriously being pushed off the counter. 

The Iberian Rooster brought in the Paranormal Society of Bradenton to determine if spirits are haunting the eatery. 

“We’re catching stuff as soon as we walked through the door,” co-founder Liz Reed said.

Reed and her team used equipment like thermal cameras and a REM pod to detect energy within the restaurant. Ultimately, Reed claims she felt the most energy near the stairs.  

“The equipment started to work on its own. We drained a lot of batteries, the tablet drained. The tape recorder shut off on us while we were recording,” Reed said. “That is usually the spirits draining the batteries out. That’s how they get their energy. They either feed off your energy or they take energy from the batteries and equipment.” 

So what is the verdict from this investigation?  

“We know there is some activity going on, we just want to figure out who and what it is,” said Reed.  

While Reed says there is evidence of paranormal activity in the Iberian Rooster, she believes spits aren’t confined to just this specific space but rather the entire block. 

“There have been a couple shootings and stabbings, not particularly in this restaurant but in the radius of it,” Sagedy said.

Sagedy tells 8 On Your Side there is no amount of spooky evidence to make her leave her job or the restaurant.  

“I don’t feel like it’s evil. I just feel like it’s here. We kind of just work around them and work together,” said Sagedy.