PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Treasure Island Fire Rescue Firefighter/Paramedic was awarded for his quick life-saving actions after he saved a 9-month-old child who was choking at the St. Pete Pier in June.

Troy Turner received the “Recognition of EMS Excellence” award after authorities said he leaped into action while visiting the Pier with his family on June 12. Turner noticed a distressed mother franticly looking for help while her child choked on a leaf.

As Turner began performing maneuvers to clear the child’s airway, he had pier security officers call 911. After several tense moments, Turner was able to get the leaf out as St. Petersburg Fire Rescue arrived.

“Your quick actions prevented a parent’s worst nightmares,” the award said. “St. Petersburg Fire Rescue thanks you for your dedication to protecting the health of the residents of Pinellas County, even while off-duty.

In response, Turner said, “As a firefighter, we’re always on-duty even when we’re off-duty. I want to thank St. Pete Fire rescue for recognizing what we do as firefighter/paramedics.”