PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) – Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Lieutenant Ashley White remains in the hospital on Thursday after being hit by a pickup truck while responding to a crash at US-19 near Innisbrook Drive early Wednesday morning.

“Lt. White went to retrieve equipment from the opposite side of the fire truck, at which time she was struck by a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed,” said Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Chief Scott Sanford.

The fire chief said White sustained blunt trauma to her entire body.

“This included multiple fractures to her left leg, her left arm, multiple cuts and lacerations throughout her body,” added Fire Chief Sanford.

On Wednesday, White was in surgery for six hours to repair her left leg. On Thursday, she is expected to have surgery on her left arm. The fire chief called her a fighter, but her road to recovery looks to be long and extensive.

“She is in ICU right now. She will remain there for quite some time I am sure. The recovery is going to be measured in months and years not days and weeks. That much I am positive of,” Sanford said.

North Pinellas Firefighters Charities have set up an online fundraiser for Lt. White and her family to help with recovery. Lt. White’s husband is a lieutenant with Clearwater Fire Rescue and they have a daughter.

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue is also accepting donations in person at their headquarters, Station 65, located at 250 West Lake Road in Palm Harbor.