(WFLA) – If you flipped on your TV in the early 2000s, chances are you saw Paul Teutul, Sr.

American Chopper was a hit TV show out of Orange County, New York.

Teutul shared “Orange County Choppers” with the world.

In the shop, the company made magic: bending, welding and fabricating metal into the “Mona Lisa’s” of motorcycles.

Well, fire up your engines.

Orange County Choppers is moving operations to Pinellas County.

“Sometimes it’s just time for change, you know?” said Teutul. 

“Where I’m at in my life, it’s time for change and you feel the freedom in Florida, you don’t feel it so much in New York anymore.”

Along with the shop, Teutul and C.O.O Joan Kay have big plans to build a restaurant and museum concept in Pinellas Park called the “OCC Roadhouse and Museum.”

It will also have a special focus.

“We support our veterans and we’ve been involved in that for a long time now,” Teutul said.

“American Chopper” drew a lot of fans into their own garages to get their hands dirty.

Teaching is on the docket for OCC in 2021 as well.

“Bringing the trades back to the U.S. is very important for us,” Joan Kay says. “But someone has to teach them.”

Does Teutul have a favorite bike build?

“I think the POW bike is one of my favorite bikes,” he said. 

If you hear a rumble, now you know who it is.

Welcome to Florida, Orange County Choppers! 

“It was funny, somebody said, ‘Hey this must be true, I saw Paul at Winn Dixie and he was really there,” Kay said.