CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — As a playful prank, Logan Saul’s bedroom was still on the front lawn of his family’s home six games into the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs series.

That’s because unlike his mom and dad, he loves the Bolts.

“We did bring him home from the hospital in a Maple Leafs onesie,” his mom Stacey Saul said.

Wearing his Brayden Point jersey, the 17-year-old had another pregame ritual before the do-or-die game for Tampa Bay.

“Just my Palat stick,” he said. “I like to hold it close to my heart. Every time I do it he scores.”

Stacey said she prefers watching Maple Leafs games in her garage.

“Tonight though because they’re in Tampa, we’re at our friends house,” she said.

Even with the Leafs one win away from advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Stacey said she’s “always nervous in the playoffs when the Leafs are in there.” 

Both Stacey and Logan said they never expected the prank to get as much attention as it has. They said it has all been in good fun to show the passion they have for the sport of hockey.

“He smack talks us, we smack talk to him,” Stacey said. “We just love hockey, all three of us and our daugther who’s not here. All four of us love hockey.”

As for Logan’s pregame ritual, it was only fitting Ondrej Palat scored the first goal of the game.

“Palat scored,” he said. “My hero.”