How can you steal from kids?

That’s the question people are asking at the Dunedin Little League after a naked man broke into their concession stand.  

The thief went to a lot of trouble and caused thousands of dollars in damage, with very little to show for it. And he did it all buck naked!

Early in the morning of April 7, he decided to strip all his clothes off and break into the concession stand.

He forced a gate open and went for the front window, all the while wearing nothing more than a cap and a towel.

Susan Semitecolos is president of the league.

“Came over to the door and used a crow bar and got into here,” she said.

“He proceeded to take the money. He took the donations. And a package of hot dogs and he left.”

He left behind $5000 in damage.

“I just feel hurt that somebody would do it to our children,” Semitecolos said.

The theft isn’t stopping games or sales at the snack bar, but it’s leaving parents and players with many questions.

“I don’t know why they’d break in and stuff. But maybe they just wanted the money to buy stuff,” said player Trey Crosse.

“I hope you turn yourself in and do the right thing because you’re impacting all of these children,” said parent Rachel Costello.

“It goes right down to your gut because everything we do here is volunteer,” said Semitecolos.

Some area businesses are already stepping up to the plate to help out.

Dunedin Little League doesn’t turn away anybody who wants to play, so this kind of thievery really hurts.