SHORE ACRES, Fla. (WFLA) — If you drive around the Shores Acres, you’ll see piles of garbage, homeowners drying out their belongings and crews removing water from inside their homes.

Some of the roads in the neighborhood are still flooded. During the storm, the water got into homes.

Rising water trickled into Blanca Garcia’s Shore Acres home early Wednesday morning.

“Unfortunately, we did get water in the house and it’s had a pretty devastating effect on the home,” said Garcia.

Garcia said she and her husband were up all night checking water levels. Once the water got inside their home, they decided to leave.

“That’s when we realize the water wasn’t stopping and it was going to get into the house and our lives were in danger,” she said. “We have two little girls, and he figured out a way to get into the car because half of the truck was already underwater, so we had to go into the back of it.”

The water was so deep, it was hitting the sides of the windows.

“My husband saved our lives,” said Garcia. “He was very brave.”

Garcia is back at home, throwing away all that has been damaged and airing out everything else. At the time, she said she was paralyzed by the fear of having to leave everything behind.

“You know what it’s just stuff we’re safe we’re safe and together and that’s the most important,” she said.

Crews with Code Enforcement and the City of St. Petersburg have been out all day doing damage assessments. Mayor Ken Welch also showed up.