TARPON SPRINGS, Fla (WFLA) — A Pompano Beach woman is pleading for answers after her 17-year-old daughter was killed while walking on a crosswalk in Tarpon Springs on March 28.

It happened around 5 a.m. at the intersection of U.S 19 and Klosterman Road where Tarpon Springs police say Mia Schoen was struck by a charcoal-colored, 2017 Limited Edition Toyota Tundra.

Not only do investigators say video footage captured the pick-up truck fleeing the scene, but parts that fit the vehicle’s description were found at the crash site.

“The person driving the vehicle knew they hit somebody, they actually stopped at the scene but never got out of the car,” said Major Frank Ruggiero, TSPD. “Then they went north on 19 made a U-turn and then went back south on 19.”

Mia’s mother, Karine Burkhardt says the teenager was visiting Tarpon Springs with friends and was supposed to head back home the day she was killed. Instead, Burkhardt woke up to police knocking at her door.

“They sent the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to notify me and let me tell you, it’s brutal,” Burkhardt said.

Burkhardt says her daughter had an adventurous spirit and dreamed of one day working with animals. The family says getting the teenager ‘justice’ is a priority.

“Shame on you for hiding and beware because we’re going to find you, and it’s not going to be pretty because it’s not right what you did,” she said.