PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A woman has pleaded to second-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old son whose body was found in Largo after an Amber Alert was issued for the child.

Charisse Stinson took a plea deal and was sentenced to up to 50 years in prison for the 2018 death of Jordan Belliveau. The murder charge against Stinson was downgraded from first-degree murder to second-degree murder. She also pleaded guilty to making a false report to law enforcement and agreed to pay the Largo Police Department almost $28,000.

Police investigating the child’s death said Stinson had fabricated a story about accepting a ride from a stranger who had knocked her unconscious and kidnapped the boy.

After an Amber Alert and a 60-hour search, the boy was found in a wooded area near the Largo Sports Complex.

Stinson later admitted to hitting the boy, causing his head to hit a wall. An autopsy showed the child died from blunt force trauma.

Of her 50-year sentence, Stinson has already served two years in prison.

“That’s a long time, but I will walk with my head held high,” Stinson said.

“I want the court to know that I am not the same Charisse I was when I walked in,” Stinson told the judge on Tuesday. “I have done a lot of things to change, and I’ll continue to change. … For a while, I was so angry and bitter before I came to jail. And now I’m free, mentally.”

“I am not in bondage anymore, and that is the gift God has given me,” she added. “I want to thank my son for that.”

“This [sentancing] won’t bring Jordan back, we can only hold his memories,” said Mary Washington, Charisse’s mother who pleaded with the Judge to lower her daughters sentence.

“I have more years behind me than I do in front of me,” Washington said. She continued, “I would love the opportunity to be able to hold my baby again, to be able to fix dinner for her,”.

“I may not be free physically, but I want my mom to know that I am free mentally,” said Stinson.

Today the Largo Police Department released a statement that reads in part, “This concludes a Largo Police Department case that has touched the lives of many throughout our region. The sentence was the result of a plea agreement among Ms. Stinson, her attorney, and the Office of the State Attorney.”

The statement went on to say “Largo Police Chief Jeff Undestad would like to thank the greater Largo community for the hundreds of offers of assistance during the investigation. Our community is certainly a wonderful, caring place that mourned Jordan’s death. Chief Undestad also extends gratitude to Florida State Representative Chris Latvala for taking Jordan’s death as a call to action and drafting legislation known as “Jordan’s Law” that we hope will keep children safer in
Florida’s child welfare system.”