PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (WFLA) — A Pinellas Park man was arrested Thursday after allegedly abusing a man he was supposed to be taking care of, according to police.

Arrest affidavits said Theodore Richard Stekhuizen, while as a caregiver to the victim, withheld food from him to the point where the victim appeared to be malnourished.

According to police, Stekhuizen would even intentionally keep the victim from eating food that was delivered to their home. At the time of the suspect’s arrest, the victim weighed 109 pounds.

“When asked how the victim would keep his weight, he advised friends of his would bring him ‘Ensure,’ the documents stated.

In addition to a lack of food, officers said the victim told them that Stekhuizen wouldn’t clean the house, which led to it being “filthy” with soiled adult diapers and garbage throughout the home.

The suspect was also accused of hitting the victims two different times with his hand.

“[Stekhuizen] admitted to the physical abuse post-Miranda, and also admitted to the lack of care for the victim,” the affidavits said.

Police said they also found a large marijuana growing tent in Stekhuizen’s bedroom with three marijuana plants and various other items to cultivate the plant. The suspect said he was growing the marijuana for personal use.

Stekhuizen was charged with three counts of abuse or neglect of aged or disabled person and one count of manufacture of marijuana.