PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – For more than half of his adult life, Jon Whispel has been behind bars. After more than 20 years in prison for his role in a 1998 murder, corrections officers released him in October of 2019.

Whispel is now back behind bars in Pinellas County. The crime he and his codefendants were convicted of committing, haunted the Tampa Bay area.

Following the crime, the arrests, and the trial, their names became well known in the area. A jury found Valessa Robinson, her boyfriend, Adam “Rattlesnake” Davis, and Whispel guilty of killing Valessa’s mother Vicki.

The crime was brutal – the teens held Vicki Robinson down and tried to inject her with bleach. When that didn’t work, Davis used a knife to cut her throat.

A jury sentenced Davis to death, but that death sentence is now being reviewed. Corrections officers released Valessa in 2013.

Upon his release, Whispel was a law-abiding citizen until April 2020, that’s when St. Petersburg Police say he got into an argument with his girlfriend at the time.

The argument became physical, but an arrest wasn’t initially made, then in June another incident with the same victim occurred.

This time officers arrested Whispel and charged him for that case in addition to case as well as the one in April.

He was able to post bond on the condition he stays away from the victim and wears an ankle monitor.

On Oct. 3, officers say he rode his bike to a nail salon where he knew the victim would be. The arrest report indicates he tried to force his way into the salon and then called her names and rode in close proximity to her.

The next day, officers say he rode his bike to the Walmart on 34th Street North in St. Petersburg and again got within 100 feet of the victim, a violation of the no-contact order.

In both cases, Whispel’s ankle-monitor bracelet put him at the scene. He’s now facing two counts of violation of pretrial release.

He’s still awaiting trial on the two domestic battery charges.