PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA)- 40-year-old cyclist, Noah Ehlert, has covered a lot of ground and not just on his bike. 

 “I have lived in Florida, lived in Oklahoma, lived in Wisconsin. I was in foster care from three months to almost three-years-old. There was a lot of struggles in the home. Those things escalated as the years went on,” said Ehlert. 

Ehlert, who came from a rough upbringing and a single-parent home, used bike riding as an escape. Now, as an adult, he is riding to inspire.  

 “I would like to travel across the country by bike talk to kids that were like me and give them some insight, give them some hope,” said Ehlert. 

Ehlert, who founded Discover Your Path Tour, partnered with Family Resources Homeless Youth Shelters and plans to cycle from San Diego, CA to St. Petersburg, FL.

During the 3,000-mile ride, Ehlert will stop at 24 group homes along the way.  

 “This moment that they are in, is not their entire life, it doesn’t have to be,” said Ehlert. 

The tour, which is set to begin in early 2020, will ultimately end at the St. Petersburg youth shelter where Ehlert began his journey, several decades ago. 

 “I know what it was like and I want to talk to them on a very real level. They have the power to make some good choices and positive change in their life,” said Ehlert. 

From living without direction, to creating his own path, the father of three, has a story and tells 8 On Your Side, there is no distance he won’t go to tell it. 

“Biking is just the vehicle. Biking is what changed my life when I was young and I am using that as a means to clear my head and reach out to these kids and tell them this is also something cool you can do in your life, you know?”  

 To follow Noah’s journey across country, visit his Instagram page and to learn more about Family Resources Homeless Youth Shelters, visit Discover Your Path Tour’s website.