CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – When Terri Oberle saw William Walden’s mugshot flash on the television screen, her heart sank.

Clearwater police arrested Walden earlier this week and charged him in connection with a violent sexual assault that left the victim with so many injuries she was unable to move.

Yesterday, detectives charged him with an additional rape that took place at a Clearwater Gym.

For two months, Walden dated Oberle’s daughter, 24-year old Kaelin Rieger. Oberle found her daughter’s body floating in the backyard pool in September. She always felt Walden had something to do with it, although Largo Police detectives who investigated called the case closed with no indication of any foul play.

Kaelin Rieger and her mother Terri Oberle.

Rieger was known to do drugs. Investigators found evidence of drug use near the pool where her body was found. The medical examiner ruled the death was drug-related. But Oberle still believes to this day, there is more to this.

“Somebody’s not connecting the dots here, they’re not connecting the dots, my daughter’s dead, these girls are raped,” said Oberle, as she cried sitting behind photos of her daughter. “I’m broken-hearted. My daughter didn’t deserve this. She was so light-hearted. This guy’s evil.”

On Jan. 27, Clearwater Police detectives arrested Walden and charged him with picking up a woman on Gulf To Bay Boulevard in September.

Investigators say he drove her to a parking lot off of Saturn Avenue where he’s accused of raping her and beating her so badly she couldn’t move and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

On Jan. 30, investigators tacked on additional charges. They say on Jan, 26, he met the victim behind the Gym where he trains as an amateur boxer.

According to the arrest affidavit, Walden and the woman entered the gym and that’s when the attack occurred. The report also indicates he beat her repeatedly and knocked one of her teeth out. He’s also accused of preventing her from escaping and threatening additional violence.

Ron Valicoff owns the gym and took to Facebook to assure his clients and parents of his younger students know the facility is safe.

Valicoff tells Eight on Your Side that Walden worked out there regularly, and apparently used that time as an opportunity to seek a way to get in after the gym had closed. Valicoff says he broke in the back door.

“I guess he took a crowbar, pried the door, slipped it up and got in,” said Valicoff, who is disgusted to learn a man he thought he knew is accused of such horrific crimes. “The guy is filth. Anybody that can do that I can’t imagine. It has nothing to do with boxing.”

Terri Oberle has been doing her research. The day after she found her daughter dead, is the day Walden is accused of committing his first sexual battery. Coincidence? Terri Oberle doesn’t think so.

“There’s a connection there, my daughter is dead this violent rapist was with my daughter the day she died,” Oberle said.