PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Largo man was charged after authorities said he siphoned fuel from a work truck because the price of diesel is “too expensive.”

Police said Drew Odell, 35, of Largo was caught siphoning diesel from a truck located on the property of A&A Recycling, LLC in the afternoon hours on May 4.

After police were called to the business, officers said Odell was spotted leaving the premises carrying two, 5-gallon gas cans that he did not have before.

After he was read his rights, police said Odell admitied to taking 10 gallons of diesel gas out of one a truck parked on the property. Odell told authorities he used a syphoning device,which police found next to the truck, to steal the fuel.

Odell told officers a gallon of diesel was about $5.50 and was “too expensive” given his other financial obligations, arrest documents said.

Odell was charged with petit theft under $100. Bond was set at $250.