You might call him a one man crime wave.

A Largo man is accused of hitting a pedestrian and driving off, refusing to stop for police, causing a crash, flipping his truck and whacking an officer in the face.

Chris Pink is back in a place he knows very well… a jail cell.

On parole after getting out of prison just two and a half weeks ago, he’s likely heading right back.

“All the cops were around the truck. And then he hops up out the top of the truck, talked about ‘Hercules!’” said witness Chuck Monroe.

He heard the crash on nearby Clearwater-Largo Road. He grabbed his cell phone and took video.

Clearwater police had just arrested Pink.

“And then he started saying stuff to the cops and then, after he started getting mouthy, he punched one of the cops in the mouth. And then that’s when they grabbed him and then the other two hopped on top, yanked him off the top of the truck, threw him on the ground, and then the rest of them, and he was still yelling at the cops,” said Monroe.

Pink’s troubles actually started about 45 minutes earlier, when Clearwater police tell us he ran over the feet of a woman crossing in a marked crosswalk on busy Mandaley Avenue. A witness got a tag.

Cops found him later on the mainland, where they tried to get him to pull over but Pink yelled a defiant “no!” out the window.

Patrol units kept a watch on him, but didn’t pursue.

Later, on Clearwater-Largo Road, they deployed stop sticks, which flattened the tires on his Ford Ranger.

“I heard a loud boom from inside the shop,” said Stanley, a witness.

Near Detail Depot, Pink lost control, hit an SUV and flipped the truck on its side.

Stanley snapped a photo.

“He wasn’t really cooperating with the cops. So they was kind of forced to, first they pulled a gun. They had to pulled they guns on to even get up to try and get him out of the vehicle,” said Stanley.

Arrest paperwork says Pink told cops, “I am drunk.”

Part of pink’s probation order states he is to stay away from alcohol.

He’s facing a litany of charges, including fighting with the Clearwater officers who tried to help him get out of his truck.