LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) — A Largo couple fears for their mobile home after a large hole opened up mere feet from their bedroom, causing the house to lean.

It’s become the source of many sleepless nights for Jamey Frisen. She says the hole opened up outside their recently purchased house in the Cardinal Court mobile home park a couple of weeks ago, and she has refused to sleep in the bedroom since then.

“Then the neighbors start coming by, ‘oh, the sink hole opened again,’ and we’re like ‘what sink hole?'” Frisen said. “And they’re like ‘the sink hole that opens up every couple of years here!'”

In the last couple of weeks, Frisen says the back of their home has sunk six inches. The bedroom slants, and objects easily roll off uneven furniture. Doors and hinges have also shifted and won’t properly close.

Frisen says when she and her husband reported the hole to property management, they chalked it up to a broken sewer pipe despite no smell or other indication of leaking sewage.

“I think it’s that they don’t to say they’ve got a sinkhole problem,” Frisen said.

Management called out plumbers to inspect the hole but it still has not been fixed or filled in.

Frisen says the hole gets bigger every time it rains and with more rain the forecast this week, they’re prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, should the house’s structural integrity become compromised any further.

“We’re disabled, so it’s not like we can just run out and buy another house,” Frisen said tearfully. “They just don’t seem to care.”

While Frisen and her neighbors anecdotally referred to the hole as a “sinkhole,” a true sinkhole must be verified by a geologist or other expert.