CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — 8 On Your Side got a first-hand look at where St. Petersburg police said a couple, now behind bars, had forced a man with an intellectual disability to sleep.

Jeffeth Garvey and his girlfriend Antoinette Mundy were accused of forcing a non-verbal 22-year-old victim to live in their backyard, despite the brutal heat.

“I would walk back there and he would just be pouring with sweat and he would down the water so fast,” Rinalda Smith said.

Smith saw him eating out of a garbage can one day and has been asking questions ever since.

When St. Petersburg police arrived at the home, they said the victim was covered in feces and lived in a wooded-type shelter.

“I actually started off dropping canned goods and food from the pantry on this couch that used to be over here, but I realized he’s not getting all of the items, so what do I do?” Smith rhetorically asked.

She kept food and water for the victim in her car at all times, but Smith wasn’t the only one in the community trying to help out.

“I have fed him,” said Andrea Taveras-Damasceno, who lives nearby. “Even with the gas station there, I’ve given them money and said, ‘Here, put it on a tab for whenever he comes in.'”

She said the way the yard is fenced in, she never knew the 22-year-old man had been sleeping outside so close to home.

“Honestly I feel God awful,” she explained. “If I had known this poor boy was living under a tarp.”

“As a collective group, we’ve always looked out for him, but I had no idea they were forcing him to sleep outside, that hurts my heart,” she continued.

Garvey and Mundy remain behind bars on a combined $10,000 bond.