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Huge hole filled with dirt outside Tarpon Springs High School

Pinellas County

A man surveyed the area around a huge hole Monday, just days after it formed outside Tarpon Springs High School.

Michael Wightman, president of GeoView out of St. Petersburg, was on scene with a machine that sends radar into the ground.

“We did a ground penetrating survey, up to about 100 feet away from the actual sinkhole collapse, so what we’re doing is imaging the subsurface going down to about 15 to 20 feet,” he said.

He was called in to check out the hole that formed Friday next to the culinary arts building.

He walked away with a significant finding.

“I would say, at this point, yes, the indications are most likely sinkhole related,” he told News Channel 8.

The hole was filled with dirt Monday and has settled properly.

Wightman doesn’t think the hole will grow and said it appears to have stabalized. He mentioned that Monday’s rain won’t cause it to cave in, although he said a torrential rain could prove problematic.

The huge hole has been the talk of the school.

“I just heard over the intercom that students couldn’t go over to [the] culinary [building],” a student said Friday.

That building remains closed until all results are returned to the Pinellas County School District.

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