PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A Clearwater man tells 8 On Your Side he saw a huge Hammerhead shark while he was jet-skiing off of Clearwater Beach recently.

Matthew Flora, who works for Clearwater Beach Waverunner Rentals was able to capture the moment on video this past weekend. 

“I knew it was a shark right away. This time of year, because the water is cooling off, we do have a lot more sharks in the area. The area I saw the shark is where I usually see a lot of stingrays and smaller sharks,” said Flora.  

Flora believes he was 600 yards offshore and in 10 feet of water when the sighting occurred. He estimates the shark was 12 to 14 feet long.  

“It’s very close to where people swim. On average I see about 10 sharks a day. Usually, they are smaller, in the 3 to 5-foot range. To see a large shark like the one I did Saturday, is out of the ordinary,” said Flora.