PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Lisa Kauffman has lived in Gulfport for a decade, and last year when Tropical Storm Eta caused widespread flooding in the area, her home suffered significant damage.

Now, Tropical Storm Elsa has its eyes set on the west coast of Florida. Could that mean another direct hit for Gulfport? Kauffman says she is ready.

Lisa Kauffman and daughter Dreama.

“We’re nervous, we went and got 30 sandbags,” said Kauffman. “We are way more prepared than last year. Last year, we were not prepared. “

Kauffman says she does not plan to move, but she is planning a major change with her property.

“To completely tear the house down and rebuild,” she said.

Bob Canning’s home was also underwater. He’s spent the last eight months working to repair the damage the flooding did to his property.

“During Eta, we had 22 inches of water in this house,” he said. “It came up the back steps of that house. “

Bob Canning talks about the tropical storm on its way.

Canning has done some major renovations. He put plastic and a rubberized coating on the outside of the home up to about where the water was last year. There are also sandbags on the outside of that. He says this time, he’s not giving up without a fight.

“I’ve got rubber, I’ve got plastic, I’ve got bags, shop vacs, pumps, I’ll be fighting the good fight this time,” said Canning. “I am fighting the good fight.”