CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A 57-year-old grandmother was cited for careless driving after her truck crashed into a day care in Clearwater on Monday, injuring multiple children and adults.

Clearwater police spokesman Rob Shaw said the incident occurred late Monday afternoon when people were picking up children at the Building Blocks Children Center on Lakeview Road.

Shaw said the grandmother was startled by a child and lost control of her truck.

“She went to hit the brake of the truck and instead of hitting the brake, she hit the accelerator. The truck lurched forward and went into the building,” Shaw said.

The vehicle hit a day care worker, a mother and her three children before slamming into the building.

“When you think about a 2, 3 or 5-year-old versus the truck, that’s a very scary thought to have that large vehicle hit somebody that tiny. That’s always something our firefighters are worried about,” Shaw added.

All those injured are expected to be okay. The three children were taken to All Children’s Hospital as a precaution. The driver of the truck was taken to Largo Medical Center. The two adults were also taken to the hospital to be medically evaluated.

“I’m glad the kids and the parent and the staff are doing well and they’re not in critical condition. So, thank God for that,” said the day care’s owner, Ayman Saed.

Saed said the damage to the building is a secondary concern.

“A building could be fixed, it could be repaired,” Saed added.

The day care will be closed on Tuesday, according to a sign posted outside the center.

An inspector with the City of Clearwater is expected to go to the property on Tuesday to look at the damage.