PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A local dog and its owner are embarking on a trip to help animals around the country.

“Ollie the Do Good Dog” is boarding a jet ski and trading the waters of the Tampa Bay area for the Ohio River. The pup from Dunedin has been jet skiing since he was 10 months old.

Owners Cammy Hummel and Michael Kruner say the only thing Ollie loves more than the wind in his fur is helping friends who aren’t as fortunate.

“Think about it, you’re a shelter dog waiting, looking at the door every day hoping you’re going home to your forever home. The saddest thing is to think about when they stop looking at the door,” Cammy said.

Ollie is taking his talent and using it to raise money for no-kill shelters around the United States. He and Michael are making a 500-mile trip down the Ohio River on a jet ski from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati.

The pair are hoping to raise $5 million in donations while accomplishing a couple of additional goals. “The second thing is to inspire 10,000 adoptions and the third is to inspire 10,000 people to volunteer at no-kill shelters nationwide,” Michael said.

Michael and Ollie’s journey will start on Aug.13. They believe it will take approximately five days to make the trip, depending on the weather.

The family is already planning Ollie’s next fundraising trip in Florida next year.

You can follow Ollie’s trips and donate to his efforts online.