ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — When Alida Quinones saw 8 On Your Side’s recent series of stories on the Alta Mar at Broadwater apartment complex, she said to herself, “I used to live like that.”

She moved out of the St. Petersburg apartment complex more than two years ago. She says she was experiencing some of the same issues that the current residents claim they are facing.

“Rats, roaches, termites, floods, sewer backup into the apartment five different times,” Quinones said. “Can’t get them to do the work orders.”

Despite leaving the complex, she regularly contacts the office and visits from time to time. Why? Because the complex never returned her security deposit back.

“I didn’t even get a move-out statement,” said Quinones. “I continue to call, I’ve gone in there and I’ve been asking and – ‘the manager will call you back’ and never does.”

Quinones says prior to moving out, she had the apartment cleaned so it was move-in ready.

“I paid professional cleaners, professional carpet cleaners, and gave them proof of the receipts,” said Quinones. “And they kept my security deposit.”

Quinones says the complex owes her $1,200. She wonders if she’ll have to hire an attorney to get that money back.

We contacted Pacifica Companies, the listed owner of the complex, for comment. No one from the organization returned our call.