MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — Businesses around the Tampa Bay area are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

Many owners entered their storefronts to see flooding, including in Madeira Beach.

Dylan Hubbard owns Hubbard’s Marina along John’s Pass Boardwalk.

He said Hurricane Idalia caused 4 feet of water to build up at the boardwalk.

“We only got maybe two to three inches inside which is pretty positive,” Hubbard said. “Overall, I think our area, our business, we got really extremely blessed.”

Maintenance crew member Mike Wenger helped protect more than two dozen businesses from Wednesday’s storm.

Now he’s back to take hurricane panels down.

“Oh man, I bet you we put up at least 50,” Wenger said. “50-75.”

A cleaning crew of about 25 people was working hard Thursday to have the boardwalk businesses back open within a day of the storm.

Hubbard said he’s touched to see how people in the area have come together.

“We have a staff member, she has a house up the road in Madeira Beach,” Hubbard said. “She got a foot of water so people are already talking about going over to her house after we finish up here.”

The John’s Pass community is acting more like a family in this time of need.

Crews in the southern part of Pinellas County are helping make for a quick recovery. At least one business owner on the boardwalk could be ready to reopen Thursday.