Florida’s own “Joker,” Lawrence Sullivan, 30, better known as the wannabe Batman villain is being held without bail in Pinellas County.

Sullivan claims he missed several court ordered appointments with his psych doctor and that’s why he was arrested.

“My mom is 70 years old and she has Multiple Sclerosis, so I really don’t work and my dad is 70 years old, so it’s hard for me to get money to pay for the classes and get an Uber over there. So I didn’t have a ride or money at the time,” said Sullivan.

He said he wasn’t on the run.

He went to go see his probation officer and didn’t know he had a warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody.

Sullivan, who is a tattoo model, said he doesn’t mind being known for looking like DC Comic’s “Joker.” 

He became Internet famous after his 2017 arrest mugshot in Miami-Dade County revealed his facial tattoos and neon green hair.

“I feel good about it because I make a little money off of it through Instagram doing promotions and stuff cause I got over a 122,000 followers,” he said.

Sullivan said he likes the “Joker” because the character to him is like a rose.

He said it fits him as he described what he calls several tragedies in his life, from a friend being murdered in Orlando in 2014 to things not working out with his fiance in Miami.

“Reborn, re-death type of stuff. That old Lawrence you saw with the plain face, he’s dead. This is the new Lawrence slash Joker.”

Sullivan said he prefers Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger over any other actors that have played the “Joker,” but prefers his look to be like Ledger’s “Joker” character.

He said he’s working on a documentary about his life and his tattoos and wants to move to New York to break into the film industry once he’s done with probation.

The man dubbed the Florida Joker spoke exclusively to News Channel 8, from the Pinellas County jail Friday.