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Elderly Seminole man claims Uber driver kicked him out of car

Seminole, FLA - He was kicked out of his Uber ride. Left stranded, cold, and lost.

That's how an elderly Seminole man describes his recent trip home from the dentist.

The man's daughter often uses Uber to shuttle her dad to appointments. But Tuesday afternoon, his ride home turned into a scary ordeal.

“He says, no, you get out. And I said, I’m not gonna get out” said 85 year old Uber customer, John Bugeja.

That's how a routine Uber ride to John Bugeja's home turned into a nightmare. His odyssey started  at Aspen Dental near the Tyrone Square Mall, after his appointment.  An Uber driver was supposed to pick him up and take him to his house in Seminole.  He never made it.

The Uber driver, only known as Jesus, drove around aimlessly for several miles.

His driver eventually insisted John, who has mild hearing loss and is forgetful at times, get out of the car in an unfamiliar place.

“Before, he turn up, instead of turning up, I told him, I said, don't turn up here, keep going down.  He says, no I have to turn here, I finished work” said Bugeja.

After walking for miles in the cold and darkness, he ended up at the SPC Health Education Center. His daughter ended up having to pick him up.

Lisette Bugeja received a "cancellation" notice on her Uber app. Concerned, she tried to call her dad.

“On the fifth try, he picked up.  I said where are you? He goes, I don't know.  I go, OK, PG, what?” exclaimed Lisette Bugeja.

She found her dad inches from a busy road. To say she is livid, is putting it mildly.  “This Jesus dude, I want him. I want him gone. He he, my dad could have been killed” she said.

8 On Your Side contacted Uber. A spokesperson said she wants to speak to the driver and customer, calling this "concerning."

The family is grateful to Aspen Dental for looking for John Bugeja.

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